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    Silkolene 762
    WHOLESALE PRICING - Minimum 6 tubes or more

    Silkolene 762/Hi-Temp Jointing Compound

    Silkolene 762/Hi-Temp Jointing Compound

    • Designed for sealing high temp joints
    • Typical applications are automotive and aircraft exhaust manifolds and turbocharger joint faces, etc.
    • Light color, almost oderless, non-combustable
    • Highly adhesive to metal surfaces
    • Easy to apply from 225 gram tube
    • Includes Aviation Certification

      SILKOLINE 762 HIGH TEMPERATURE JOINTING COMPOUND is designed for the sealing of joints to prevent leakage of air or other gases where operating temperatures in the range of 550 degrees Celsius to 760 degrees Celsius can be experienced.

      Optimum sealing efficiency is attained within the temperature range of 550 degrees C to 760 degrees C. However, depending upon the characteristics of the joint faces involved, a satisfactory performance can be achieved over a wider temperature range. For example, Silkolene 762 is known to be effective from 200 degrees C to 800 degrees C in the case of rigid joint faces of good surface finishes which are free from distortion and differential movement at the operating temperatures.

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      Silkolene 762/Hi-Temp Jointing Compound

      Retail Price:      $113.95
      Bulk Price:     $95.99 per tube


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      HOW TO USE

      A thin layer of compound should be spread over each of the faces to be joined by means of a flexible knife blade or spatula.

      The faces should be brought into contact as soon as possible after the application of the compound. In applications where it is necessary to cure Silkolene 762 High Temperature Jointing Compound in place, the joint components must be heated to approximately 100 degrees C. A hot-air blower is ideal for this purpose.

      Joints can be parted after service by tapping with a soft mallet, thus shattering the film of compound which becomes brittle at room temperatures after operation at elevated temperatures.

      Compound still adhering to the exposed joint surfaces can be cleaned off by soaking in hot water for about one hour followed by wire brushing.

      Larger faces can be cleaned by applying hot water to the surfaces with a sponge or cloth, then scraping or wire brushing.

      • General Electric A 15 D 6-S (Interim Approval) - "High Temperature Jointing Compound".
      • Approved by Rolls Royce plc under MSRR 9294.
      • Recommended for use by: Pratt and Whitney, Normalair/Garret Turbochargers, Lucas CAV Turbochargers, Mikuni Carburettors, Exhaust Piping
      • Included in Perkins Service Bulletin TV8.540, Jointing of Exhaust Manifold Sleeves.

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